On Saturday, May 4th, 2019 most of our Venom softball players, coaches and families had the pleasure of attending a special presentation from both Isabella Picard and Allie Bradian. These two charismatic women, once strangers and opponents on the softball field but now best of friends, discussed the tragedy and aftermath of their horrible collision at second base during a college Division 1 game resulting in Bella's spinal injury four years ago. There are two inspiring stories that emerged from this terrible incident that they now tell as one.

Bella & Allie: THANK YOU very much for sharing your incredible story with us! Our entire Venom softball family wishes you both much peace, health and happiness along with great success in your future endeavors raising awareness with Bringbacktherightside via Isabella Picard and #bringbacktherightside!!🥎 #bellapicard #alliebradian #bringbacktherightside #teammatesmatter 

Check out their story on Youtube! search "Isabella Picard" to watch Chapter 1 of #BRINGBACKTHERIGHTSIDE DIARY, "The Collision That Changed Our Lives".

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